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Indelible Denture Laboratory is always striving for the best ways of providing service to you and your Dental practice.  We believe our "Production Completion Schedule" will satisfy your scheduling needs with the results you are entitled to.  If for any reason you require a quicker turnaround time please consult with our lab. staff to properly arrange availability.

                                      PLEASE ALLOW & ADD FOUR (4)
                              ADDITIONAL DAYS FOR ALL SHIPPED CASES
                  Fridays, Weekends, Vacation & Holiday days are excluded


SAME DAY:  Hard Reline - Minor Repair*

*Service is subject to tooth stock on hand.  Whenever possible, please attempt to call prior to 10:00 am.  Most cases will be graciously returned by 4:00 pm or sooner. 

TWO DAYS:  One Tooth Flipper* - Soft Reline - Custom Tray - Base Plate w/Wax Rim - Major Repair* (based on work required) - Rebase/Jump

THREE DAYS:  Process & Finish - Reset - Two or Three Tooth Flipper

FOUR DAYS:  Teeth Set in Wax* - Orthotic Hard Night Guard

FIVE DAYS:  Acrylic Partials (4-8 teeth)* - Set to Process & Finish

SEVEN DAYS:  Immediate Denture*

ELEVEN DAYS:  Partial Cast Frames (for framework only completion)

*Service is subject to tooth stock on hand

Production Completion Schedule:  Considered Mon. - Thurs. 

Holidays/Vacation:  Closed on major holidays and these days are NOT included as a Production Day. When scheduling your patient appointments please allow sufficient time.

Shipping Schedule:  We are sensitive to the needs of fast turnaround times and ask you're consideration of the shipping time-frames. (typically 1 to 2 days each way) Please allow a minimum of four (4) days.

We also offer FREE local pick up & delivery.  You may call our office for our specific mapping parameters.

It is our daily mission and goal to provide you with ultimate customer service!
The above mentioned Production Days are estimated days and are not a guarantee.

                                     Call:     435. 429. 6900