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Our vision here at Indelible Denture Laboratory is developing and creating a business which specializes in the restorative denture process meeting the utmost needs and success of dentists with patients satisfaction.     

                                   FIT IS EVERYTHING! 

Indelible Denture Lab removable denture prosthesis's are making smiles happen.  We're pleased to announce our relocation into our new lab within the Washington County, Utah area. Our commitment is to provide our existing doctors  with continued outstanding service during our move. 

Our mission is guided through open communication.  It's of paramount importance.  Understand and seek the distinct differences of some other labs who simply make production line dentures.  We’re filling the need to change and move the denture industry forward away from the production line removable products. Here at Indelible Denture Lab we pride ourselves in the detailed hand-craftsmanship and creation of the removable denture prosthetic.  Optimum quality care and service are based on your satisfaction.  Our owner/technician is as good as, if not better at creating the positive results for you and your patients.  We take precedence in reviewing each case with the expertise it deserves. We will cater to our Doctors success in providing their patients with a functionally comfortable fitting, aesthetically pleasing, removable prosthetic. 

Our view is, your practice is an extension of our Indelible Denture Lab team and will be treated as a partnership.

You have a clear choice in choosing Indelible Denture Laboratory.  We offer the highest quality materials, comparably low pricing along with the confidence that we stand behind our work.

                              We are devoted to your success!
                Call us at our NEW St. George City, Utah location.

Give us a call:
162 E. 300 So.
Suite #2D
St. George UT.